Watermelon Milkshake

Today’s post will be super short!

It’s tooooo hot to be on the computer today! NYC is starting the beginning of a heat wave today… OH YAY ! *insert copious amounts of sarcasam* I already told ya’ll how I feel about summer. Yes, I’m from Louisiana, so I’m used to the heat. BUT… I would rather not deal… Just… NO…

But long story short, we had a blast for the Fourth Of July. Soooooo much food and sooooo good! I’m not gonna lie… we probably over indulged… and by the time the fireworks were over everything was gone! Except for the watermelon! Not that people didn’t eat the watermelon… We did… We just happened to buy too much and had tons of leftovers.

Now, my first instinct was to see if there was any way I could put the watermelon into a baked good (watermelon pie, anyone???). But, my family didn’t exactly leap for joy when I brought that one up so I went for another option!

A drink, of course.

Now, while I kind of wanted to make the melon into a cocktail, we don’t really drink much so that would require going out and buying something with an alcoholic content to it…  And like I said… IT’S HOT!! So that wasn’t happening…

But I did have some condensed milk!! So…

Milkshake anyone??

Refreshing Strawberry Milkshake made from just 2 ingredents!

This is yummy!! It kind of reminds me of a New Orleans Sno Ball!! I ALWAYS get mine with the cream on top! SOOOOO super sweet! But Sooo yummy! And simple to boot! 2 ingredents!!!

*CAUTION!!! This is sweet! Lessen the amount of condensed milk if your watermelon is already super sweet!*

Watermelon Milkshake: Makes about 2 servings

6 cups chopped watermelon

3/4 Cups of condensed milk

3 Cups Crushed ice


Pulse watermelon in food processor.

Strain and press fruit through fine mesh sieve to make sure your shake is seedless.

Put all ingredients in a blender and BLEND until desired consistency!


Stay cool out there y’all!!!







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