5 Beautiful Baking Blogs That Are My Daily Inspirations

So… for those of you who don’t know me…

I’m quirky…

And I mean that in the best way!

I have A LOT of different…ummm, errr… eccentricities…that make up this 5’7 ballet dancer named, LaToya.

I BIGGEST quirk is the fact that I have SOOOO many quirks!! SOOOOO many different interests that don’t really all fit together in a way that makes sense.

But that’s me… That’s what makes me interesting, I guess.

I grew up dancing. Fell completely in love with ballet and make believe when I was just 2 years old. I ADORED Mary Poppins, and thought that I was Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I also adored ANYTHING old. I watched I Love Lucy and The Donna Reed Show like they were new episodes. In 5th grade Gone With the Wind was my favorite movie and book (I read it through cover to cover when I was 10). Like, what 10 year old does that!?!?! ME… that’s who.

During my teen years, I LIVED the 90s… I was a 90s girl… TO THE BONE!! The music, the movies… the slang… ALL OF IT!!! The baggy jeans and over sized shirts or the over the knee socks and Mary Jane platform shoes… yup… That was me!

Today, I am still obsessed with all of these things. I LIVE for Disney, I have trained and danced professionally as a dancer and now TEACH ballet… My everyday speech sounds like I just jumped out of a 90s R&B video… I LOVE anything from the 50s (and I tend to dress like I’m in the 50s… then the next day jump to the 90s). Add to that my Christmas obsession (my parents over did the holiday to a point where I kinda wish everyday was Christmas…And when I say that… I’m soooo serious) and the fact that I bake like it’s the holidays year round, we have a perfect storm of weirdness!!

But I love it!

I’m me and that’s the only person I can be. I’m inspired by randomness daily. I’m always searching for beauty and beautiful things that I can add to my life to make more beauty. My ULTIMATE goal in life is to make life beautiful for my family and the world. That is where my baking addiction comes into play. There is nothing more beautiful and comforting than a plate of chocolate chip cookies or a homemade birthday cake.

In my on going quest for all things BEAUTIFUL, I read a lot of baking blogs…Like, a lot… And I have come upon a few that inspire me to do more and push the envelope more when it comes to my baking. These blogs I learn from, I sometimes bake from and they either give me my beautiful dessert fix or my quirky girl fix… OR BOTH!!! Which is THE BEST!

And I thought I would share them with you because well… why not!!!!

Here are my faves!! Not in any order… I drool over them all :

My Baking Addiction:

LOVE this blog! I have been peeking at Jamie and her beautiful blog for YEARS now. It’s actually one of the first blogs I started reading about baking! Everything in it is super pretty and is super doable! And it’s not just sweets! There is a lot of dinner in there! I’ve tried many of her savory recipes and they are FAB!!!! Soooo much yum here!!



The Boy Who Bakes:

Oh… Em…GEE!!! This blog!!! It’s my EVERYTHING!!!!

It’s so clean and the food looks so AMAZING! And Edd’s (yes… In my head we are on a first name basis) YouTube videos are everything!!! AND… He lives in London to boot! Oh yeah, there’s another quirk of mine. I LOVE the UK!! If my wife hadn’t already told me there is no way she’s moving to London, I would be writing this blog from there right now.

So many recipes here… from candy to cakes to cookies….but whatever it is, it’s always the prettiest I’ve ever seen of whatever it is!! I want to visit him in London and just bask in the fabulousness!!!


Not Quite Nigella:

The name is AMAZING!!!! *insert praise hands emoji* I just recently found this blog and I love it! Everything looks so homey and welcoming! This is another blog that has dinner AND desserts. I have only tried out the sweets but I can say that the recipes are great and easy to follow! AND… her holiday recipes are TO DIE!!!


These next two definitely appeal to my quirky girl!

Baker Bettie:

So… You know how I LOVE vintage?? Well Baker Bettie LOVES a good pinup hairstyle and vintage pyrex!! There are a couple of things I love about this blog. One is how it is set up! SO user friendly!!! There’s a way to find ANYTHING you’re looking for, even if it’s from 2011! The other thing is that the way she writes is so personable! I feel like I know her and I’ve only been reading her blog for a few months now. The last thing that I love is that she has a little baking school with REALLY good baking tips! I’ve read through all of them and even though I’ve been baking for a while I came away with some REALLY good pointers! It’s definitely worth a look!


Katherine Sabbath:

EEEEEKKKKKKK! That’s all I have to say about this one!!!! EEKKKKK!!!! This blog is all of my dreams realized!!! It’s pink, it’s edgy, it’s cake… it’s EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Katherine is a high school teacher turned self taught baker and cake decorator! MY IDOL and MY INSPIRATION!!! She has some of the cutest cakes I’ve ever seen! She posts more to Instagram than she does on her blog but follow both because, who doesn’t want Rainbow Unicorn Chocolate in their newsfeed!!



So there you have it. Just a few of the blogs that inspire me everyday. There are MANY more but we will save those for another time.

If you know of or write a blog that you think I would LOVE, leave a link in the comments! I am an equal opportunity blog reader. I’m always looking for a new obsession!!!













































































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