My Food52 Addiction…

So… It’s been WAY too hot in NYC the last few days to even THINK about baking! Sorry, but I’m not turning on that oven until it cools down at least another 10 degrees. Most NYC apartments don’t come with central a/c so… Hot days can be a struggle.

With the heat comes laziness for me. With laziness comes a lot of food show watching, social media snooping and web browsing. I told my wife it was because I was doing “research” when she asked why my head was buried in my phone all the while my laptop sitting on my lap… And my tablet on the couch next to me… She just shook her head and went about her business knowing full well that’s where I was going to stay the rest of the day. And not for “research”. Just out of pure ImDoingNothingTodaydom.

As you know from a previous post, I have a few  blogs that I frequent. But today I wanted to get inspiration for our soon to be new place… when we find it. I love to look at pretty things and plan where to put them before I even have them or a place to put them. I guess its a kind of “visualization” technique that has always served me really well (yes… I’m one of those Law Of Attraction, positive thinking and meditating people. These days everyone needs a lil chill time. It’s either that or wine…constantly… )

My very fave place to go when I’m feeling like I need inspiration is my  go to, all-in -one site, Food52!!

There you can get recipes and submit YOUR recipes for folks to try, there are cute little articles on food history or anything food related and a SUPER cute home/kitchen decor site.

I COMPLETELY want the entire site to put in my kitchen. Some of it may seem a little pricey or impractical (ummmm… $120 for salt and pepper shakers…But who am I kidding, I TOTES want), but all of  it’s SOOOOO dammed pretty!!!!! I’ll take one of everything…Starting with this Pie Box.Thanks!

ol school3.jpg


Ooooh! And these copper cups!!!



This Pink Glass Cake Stand is pretty much me in cake stand form…



Some of my favorite things ever on Food52 have to be the vintage things!

Like… I think I DEFINITELY need this set of Vintage French Champagne Buckets… Because… Ummmm… Hello?? They’re vintage FRENCH champagne buckets!!!



They even sell Goat’s Milk Caramel Sauce.




This website is SERIOUSLY heaven and I need it to be an actual brick and mortar store like, three days ago!!!

Luckily most of what I want is on the affordable side…  So all hope is not lost. But to be perfectly honest…The list is loooonng!!! It’s just that I want and NEED ALL THE PRETTY THINGS!!!!!

I really just want to take home the entire site. Recipes included. I would be the epitome of a domestic goddess!!!

Sigh… Until then… I’ll just go to Target and Macy’s and keep the dream alive…



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