‘The Great British Baking Show’ Challenge!


If you’ve been following my blog since I started it last year, you know that one of my favorite shows in life is The Great British Baking Show ( aka The Great British Bake Off, still not sure why there’s 2 different names but that ‘s neither here nor there)!!! I LOVE this show. It’s the one show that puts 3 things that I love all in one place: baking, ANYTHING British and… Mary Berry!!!!

The new season just started airing here in the States so I have an entire summer of British baking ahead of me and I really couldn’t be more excited! All the challenges and falling cakes and tumbling gingerbread houses…!!!!! Eeeeekkkkkkk!!

So now that it’s summer and I’m off most of the season with the exception of a few ballet classes a week and a Vegas vacation next month, I’ve given myself a challenge to keep me baking and blogging for most of the summer. The challenge I’ve given myself is to bake at least one recipe from the current week’s The Great British Baking Show!!! I’ll research a recipe if I don’t already have my own and deliver you the results… Good or bad…

I’m crazy excited for this!! So far there’s only been one show and the recipes don’t look ENTIRELY that complicated… looks can be deceiving though so we will see.

The goal is to post the recipe every Wednesday so be looking for my first one in a couple of days. All this will happen along side my regular posts AND… my upcoming Christmas in July posts!! Yup… It’s already that time again!!!

Keep an eye on the blog in the next coming weeks. Things are about to get interesting!!!


One thought on “‘The Great British Baking Show’ Challenge!

  1. That’s a great challenge to give yourself. I’m obsessed with Baking Show too, and am so glad we finally get new episodes. Looking forward to what recipes you pick for your blog 🙂


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