About the Baker



I’m LaToya (Toya for short) and I’m a dancer, ballet teacher and BAKERRRR! Born in Texas, raised in Louisiana and living in NYC!

Yes… I’m constantly around dancers who are watching their weight… And meanwhile I’m all “I wonder how Nutella and bananas would taste in a buttercream??”

But whatever! If you don’t enjoy a huge slice of pie or a giant cookie, we can’t be friends!

I first realized I had a knack for baking in 2006, while watching The Martha Stewart Show. I was SUPER intrigued by a pie that she was making… crust from scratch and all!!! It looked simple but I knew the foolery was huge. So then I started watching old episodes of Martha Stewart Living on PBS… I studied every episode I could… with pen and paper… and wrote down every recipe. I tried everything over and over until I perfected it. My family was highly appreciative to say the least! Ever since then… baking is what I do. For friends, family, co-workers… My dream was always to go to The French Culinary Institute for pastry arts but my love for dance always won out. Not enough time in the day to do both!

My kids (the ones I teach ballet to that is… I’m married, but kidless) are my life but baking keeps me sane. Life can throw you some curve balls, and God knows I’ve been thrown some in the last year or so, and baking is the only thing that keeps me calm and grounded.

Along with my baking addiction, I also happen to OBSESS over anything from the 1950’s AND the 1990s!!! I alternate between 50’s vintage and 90’s clothing on a day to day basis. Random, I know… But it’s absolutely true… Oh and Christmas!!! Oooooh… AND LONDON!!!! Sigh… If I could bake in London at Christmastime, listening to 90s music while wearing my 1950’s circle skirt… I’d be in pure HEAVEN!!

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I want my blog to be about my successes as a baker as well as the things I completely screw up. I promise, hand over my heart, to post the unedible and show how I recovered to make it better!

So that’s all folks!!! Hope you stick around and see what I’m whipping up each week!!! And if you blog leave a comment! I’m an AVID blog follower and love to peek at everyone else’s pretty and tasty things!